Finally Stock Investing Success

A path to your investing success.
I hope you enjoy this, Bob Howe

Promises Unfulfilled (99% of Stock Newsletters)

Look at my results, they will make you believe;
I picked Amazon, Apple and Google with ease.

Look at those stocks, those incredible gains;
If you don’t follow me, you’ll miss them all over again.

It’ll take no work on your part, just follow my lead;
You’ll be protected, there’s magic here…you will see.

Follow their lead, I did indeed;
For riches lay ahead for me.

I felt sorry for my friends, they could not see;
The stock market was now rigged for me.

I followed their recommendations, at times it worked great;
Until it didn’t, then it was too late.

Night sweats from the stock that got away,
heart palpations from the plunge that day;
Am I the only one at play?

Are others successful and it’s only me?
How stupid I must be.

The Euphoria of a stock that popped;
The drawdown that left me wanting to be shot.

Bull markets that never seemed to end;
Until they did, my money was dead again.

Fantastic returns in a bull market year;
Wiped away the next bear market, leaving nothing but a tear.

I hope my family doesn’t see;
An Index Fund would have been a better choice for me.

(Sidebar: After years of buying stock newsletters with little to show for it, I decided to take fate into my own hands a couple of decades ago. I still subscribe to a couple of good stock newsletters to complement my research.)

Pendultus – The 1%

Future riches may be in play;
But promise them, we cannot say.

Once in a lifetime stocks may not be in the cards ;
There are too many losers on that path that make it too damn hard.

Dark pools, quants and charlatans lay in wait ;
Avoid them we do, to protect your fate.

This is a hard game, tough competition every day;
We have found a simpler, more rewarding way.

Trust us, we ask of you;
Trust us with no questions you should not do.

Through Bear and Bull Markets, thick can thin;
That’s how we know you can win.

Gains in relation to risk taken is the true test;
Market beating returns with lower risk is the best.
(P.S. We believe, that puts us among the best).

Try other newsletters if you must;
Keep us in mind as someone you can trust.

We’ll be here when you need us most;
An open invitation to you is in this post.

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