Top Index Funds

List of Top Index Funds

We have identified what we consider to be some of the best index funds to use for your retirement account.  Funds were selected based on annual fees, long-term performance and investing risk.  Updated performance information can be found by visiting the fund’s website and reading the prospectus.

The Value Investors Association Retirement Investing Journal provides members with active and passive investment portfolios that have been ranked at the top of their class for a mere pittance compared to traditional and other online investment products.  If you want to retire with a lot more money, while saving less so you can maximize your enjoyment of life along the way, consider joining our family.

Total Market Index Funds
Ticker Fund Name
FSTMX Fidelity Spartan Total
SWTSX Schwab Total Stock
VTSMX Vanguard Total Stock
WFIVX Wilshire 5000
S&P 500 Index Funds
Ticker Fund Name
PEOPX Dreyfus S&P
FSTMX Fidelity Spartan 500
NOSIX Northern Stock Index
SWPPX Schwab S&P 500
PREIX T. Rowe Price 500
VFINX Vanguard 500
Mid-Cap Market Index Funds
Ticker Fund Name
PESPX Dreyfus Mid Cap
FSEMX Fidelity Spar Ext
NOMIX Northern Mid Cap
PEXMX T. Rowe Price Ext Mkt
VIMSX Vanguard Mid Cap
Small-Cap Market Index Funds
Ticker Fund Name
DISSX Dreyfus Sm Cap
SWSSX Schwab Small Cap
NAESX Vanguard Small Cap
International Stock Market Index Funds
Ticker Fund Name
FSIIX Fidelity Spar Intl
NOINX Northern Intl Equity
SWISX Schwab International
VGTSX Vanguard Total Intl
Emerging Market Index Funds
NOEMX Northern Emerging
SWSSX Schwab Small Cap
General Bond 
Ticker Fund Name
DBMIX Dreyfus Bond
FBIDX Fidelity Spartan US
FTBFX Fidelity Total Bond
NOBOX Northern Bond
SWLBX Schwab Total Bond
PBDIX T. Rowe Price US
VBMFX Vanguard Total Bd
General Bond Short-Term
Ticker Fund Name
SWBDX Schwab Short-Term
General Bond Intermediate-Term
Ticker Fund Name
VBIIX Vanguard Intm Bd
General Bond Long-Term
Ticker Fund Name
VBLTX Vanguard Long-Term

You can also use our best mutual funds and top target date retirement funds as substitutes if you don’t have access to index funds.